We are an independent firm of designers, engineering consultants & technical specialists working across various sectors within the built environment within the UK. We believe the cornerstone of excellent engineering is passion, our team of Chartered Structural Engineers draw on the latest design techniques and processes, sustainable technology & of course their love of problem solving to establish, create and innovate cost-effective designs. 

As we progress into an era of advanced computer modelling, Virtual Reality (VR) and of course with Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques, we always ensure the concepts and solutions offered are founded on the scientific principles that form the basis of Structural Engineering. We are always keeping up to date with trends and modern practices ensuring our clients are serviced to the highest standards.

3d Model SLS Deflection without U Transf


We carry out the design and generate ideas for a variety of existing and new buildings. We use advanced computer analysis, allowing for accurate designs particularly for structures with complex geometry, ensuring the structure is the best it can be.  This information subsequently feeds into the production of construction information, drawings and details.

Virtual modelling helps the design team see how all components of the project comes together. By analysing past solutions, sharing experiences and skills, we are always refining our ability to design stable, durable, elegant and economic buildings in all conditions. 


We provide structural calculations and drawings that  communicate your required results, and assist in every stage of a project, from initial feasibility studies, through to inspections on site during construction.


Giving advice to clients and architects at concept stage, providing guidance, sketches or discussions at feasibility stage to safeguard a robust design. 


Using the latest software, along with traditional 'hand calculations, we can provide a cost-effective and efficient way of achieving the desired design.


Bringing the traditional 'drawing board' craft to our AutoCAD production creates clear, readable drawings that convey the result of our calculations. 


Site visits and inspections are carried out ensuring our design work has been interpreted and constructed correctly.

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